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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 888-CRIME-SC, Crimestoppers launches statewide number

Friday, June 6, 2008

Crimestoppers of the Midlands announced today the changeover of the anonymous tip line from 888-559-tips to 888-CRIME-SC.

As law enforcement agency work continue to work closely together to prevent crime and capture those responsible, crimestoppers across South Carolina, under the umbrella of The South Carolina Crimestoppers Council, have created a statewide number that will allow tipsters to call in and automatically be sent to the crimestoppers program in the area where they are placing their call.

Crimestoppers of the Midlands, made up of 46 law enforcement agencies in 8 counties (local, state and federal), continues to work diligently to pay tipsters for information leading to arrests - being the vehicle for anonymous tipsters to call in, help to make arrests thus improving the quality of life in the Midlands. The creation of the statewide number will provide one number for tipsters to call while it will solidify the autonomies of the crimestoppers programs in the respective areas of the state.

888-559-tips will remain active and available for calls for months, but Crimestoppers is asking all media (on any and all crime stories) to utilize this new statewide number 888-CRIME-SC which will allow the tipster to call in and automatically forward their call (based on the county they are calling from) - the new website will allow tipsters to go to the map of the state and click on where the tip is for and it take the user to the appropriate crimestoppers website and tip submission form.

Crimestoppers of the Midlands is asking the public to be aware of the changeover and to continue to be involved in solving crime and getting paid for the anonymous information. Crimestoppers of the Midlands has solved 5234 cases, seized $11,742,585 in narcotics and paid out $152, 400 in cash for tips over the last 25 years. Crimestoppers of the Midlands will continue to work on raising money to pay tipsters while diligently working to help law enforcement take the bad guys off the streets.

Crimestoppers of the Midlands has received the endorsement on this changeover from of SLED Director Reggie Lloyd, Sheriff Leon Lott, Sheriff James R. Metts, Sheriff Lee Foster, Sheriff Jason Booth, Sheriff Herman Young, Sheriff Michael Hunt, Sheriff Larry Williams, Chief Wendell Davis, Chief Tandy Carter, Chief Dennis Tindal, Chief Charlie McNair, Chief Gene Sealy, Chief Mark Fallaw, Chief Howard M. Cook, and Chief Brian Buck.

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